The Harmonia Sacra Society is working to maintain the Joseph Funk House, built around 1804.

The house is owned by a group that was assembled when the house unexpectedly came up for sale in 2009. This LLC intended to keep the house and turn it over to a nonprofit that would promote the Funk family’s musical legacy and maintain the house as the landmark that it is. The Harmonia Sacra Society is that group.

Before the transfer of the property can be completed, the society wants to establish a fund to ensure the maintenance of the house. The house’s original log walls are in remarkable condition, but other repairs are needed. The fund would help to pay for these and set in motion the transfer of the house to the society. The society has plans to make the house into its headquarters and a museum that would illuminate the Harmonia Sacra‘s past, present, and future, as well as promote the lasting work of the Funk family and the village where it all began.

Apart from the Harmonia Sacra hymnal and singing itself, the house is the most prominent relic of Joseph Funk, and something that should not be left to decline.

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The Community Foundation manages the fund for the society and will provide a receipt for your contribution.

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